About Us

Welcome to Des Plaines Garden Club

Our club was organized June 4, 1931 by ladies who were members of the Garden Department of Des Plaines. In 1932 there were 21 members. In the same year we became affiliated with the Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.

Club members have participated in exhibiting both in the Design and in the Horticulture Divisions at flower shows throughout the area. We are still involved in Civic projects: designing gardens, planting trees and plants, and maintaining garden areas in Des Plaines. We assist the residents at a local nursing home as they make floral arrangements, and also put on programs for Arbor Day. We donate each month to the BrazilPlants Support Club, an organization dedicated to saving plant materials of the rain forest from destruction by the advancement of civilization.

Our club has won many ribbons and awards; among others, The Theodor A. Krause, St. Memorial Award and the Beautify Des Plaines Super Star, presented to the Garden Club by the Mayor of Des Plaines. Members have been honored for outstanding service in the Book of Honor and deceased members have been added to the Book of Remembrance.

Over the years, members have participated in our programs, workshops, plant exchanges, horticulture information and environment reports, and flower arranging demonstrations. Many tours have been made to arboretums, members’ gardens, gardens in other communities, and various venues of interest to our members.

The Garden Club is 87 years old, and currently has over 120 members, and continues to grow. The motto of the Des Plaines Garden Club is still “Advancement of Gardening, the Promotion of Civic Beautification, and Conservation of Desirable Native Plant Life”.